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Côtes de Provence, France

£11.10 – £12 per bottle

Our new rosé is the hottest thing to come out of the French Riviera this year. So, if you’re dreaming of summer sun, let this elegant pink transport you from your slightly chilly English garden to the sun-baked boulevards of Saint-Tropez.

Imagine a warm evening, the Med lapping at your feet, a chilled glass of rosé in hand, and a plate of freshly caught seafood.

All you need to do is buy this wine and close your eyes – although the uncertainty of the British summer means you may also need to turn on the heating or wear socks with your sandals to replicate the Mediterranean temperatures.


Wine introduced by

Andy Clarke

Food & drink TV producer and presenter

Bottle £12.00
Saving £3.60
Saving £10.80

This is Ohsomm Rosé

Our Rosé video is coming soon – in the meantime, this video tells you a bit about our Ohsomm new wine brand.

More about this wine

Not all rosés are created equal and, lucky for Provence, it drew the long straw. Provence rosé is the standard to which the world’s pink producers aspire: dry, elegant and delicately flavoured.

While it makes the finest pink wine on earth, Provence comes with no pretensions; forget the snobbery that comes with the world’s finest reds, the only thing these rosés require is a thirst.

Lap up its summery vibe with an Ibiza Chillout set and don’t even worry about food pairing ideas: sitting between the white and red camp, it partners well with everything from brie to barbecued prawns, burgers and berries.

Best of all, rosé is so comfortable in its own skin, it doesn’t need anything else to make it taste better and doesn’t care what others think: if there were a wine style that had a laid-back attitude, this would be it.



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Wine Information

  • Style Rosé
  • Country France
  • Wine region Côtes de Provence
  • Wine producer Made with love in Provence, France
  • Grape Grenache
  • Grape Percentage

    A blend of local red varieties including 40% Cinsault / 40% Grenache / 20% Syrah

  • Colour Brilliant and pale pink Rosé colour
  • Aroma Fresh strawberries with an intense, fruity and floral aroma
  • Drink By Ready to drink now to the end of 2018 for its fresh, fruity joy
  • Alcohol 12.5%
  • Units Units in 125ml glass = 1.8; Units in 250ml glass = 2.6; Units in bottle = 10.8
  • Bottle Size 75cl
  • Taste Dry, delicate, creamy and elegant. Flavours of strawberries, white rose, melon and peach that leave your palate refreshed

Côtes de Provence

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The Low Down:

  1. Though Grenache is not that famous as a single grape wine, it helps make some of the most famous wines in the world, such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape and the sweet, fortified red wines from Maury and Banyuls.
  2. Grenache has many names that you may mistake for other grapes: Garnacha (in Spain) and Cannonau (in Sardinia) are the most famous.
  3. When Grenache makes rosé wine, it famously tastes like strawberries and cream.
Pronounced: French: [gre-nash) Where you'll find it: You'll find the Grenache grape in our Ohsomm Rose which is is made from a blend of local red varieties including 40% Grenache / 40% Cinsault  / 20% Syrah Read more here

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This wine is great with...
fish Delights of the deep
Purchase this image at Charcuterie and antipasti
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Special Occasions

This wine is perfect for this special occasions...
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New seasons new reasons

Yay the sunshine is finally here and we can all breath a sigh of relief that winter is finally over...

Made with love in Provence, France

This marvellous fruity and floral rosé is a real sharing treat. Originating from the Côtes de Provence AOC region in the south of France, where the boundaries stretch from the alpine hills near Draguignan to the coast of Saint-Tropez, the grapes thrive in a Mediterranean climate while maintaining a maritime and continental influence. The famed region accounts for nearly 75% of all the wine production in Provence with rosé accounting for around 80% of the production. For this particular variety and vintage (2016), the grapes weathered a difficult spring with heavy frost and a severe lack of water. Moving into a warm and dry summer, the grapes passed through all obstacles and thankfully, the vines did not suffer. Thriving in chalky soil - at an altitude of 400m - picking began at the optimal date and the balance between the sugar richness and acidity was maintained, as you'll discover when sipping this refreshing, pale pink wine. The winemakers ensure that the mechanical harvest in done during night, as to protect the quality and freshness of the grapes. A light and refreshing choice that's comfortable in its own skin, this rosé pairs perfectly with salads, barbecues and grilled chicken.

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