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Bordeaux, France

£13.41 – £14.50 per bottle

This beauty from Bordeaux is a mingle of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cab franc grapes. Plummy and generous on the nose, it’s bursting with red fruit, cassis, and slightly woody aromas. You’ll want to go full-roast dinner or charcuterie board with this one – meats, cheeses and pickles – and pair with interesting people, intelligent conversation, and a bit of late-night philosophy.


Wine introduced by

Jackson Boxer

Chef and Restaurateur

Bottle £14.50
Saving £4.00
Saving £13.00

This is Ohsomm Bordeaux

More about the wine

“I am not a great Bordeaux drinker. It is so very grand, so very upright, so very certain of itself and its own correctness, that I find nothing exciting or enjoyable in acknowledging that at its best (and most expensive) it is magisterially delicious. Nevertheless, to find wine of such quality at this price point is something to get very excited about. For me this is Bordeaux brilliance – authentic, bright fruit atop structured layers of earthy, dark bramble. This wine is a fascinating and meandering dialogue with a dear friend, an up-all-night getting deep and meaningful kind of wine, lost in the thick dark woods of provocative conversation.

Wine for me is a social activity. I relish the affinity it has for discourse, how readily it seems to inspire a steady flow of thought. The right wine with the right person can provoke hours of speculative debate. This wine is thoughtful, articulate, elegant and definitive, the perfect dinner guest.”



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Wine Information

  • Style Red
  • Country France
  • Wine region Bordeaux
  • Wine producer Made with love at the Château Malromé, France.
  • Grape Merlot
  • Grape Percentage

    60 % Merlot, 20 % Cabernet-sauvignon, 20 % Cabernet franc

  • Colour Ruby Red
  • Aroma Generous nose with red fruit and cassis notes and slightly woody notes
  • Drink By Between 2 years and 8 years from harvest
  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Units Units in 125ml Glass = 1.6 // Units in 250ml Glass = 3.3 // Units in a Bottle = 9.8
  • Bottle Size 75CLs
  • Taste Round supple and sexy


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If you’ve never been to Bordeaux, it’s rather lovely. Ridiculously picturesque. If you have, then you won’t need us to tell you that they make some really good wine there too. This one’s from the South. Made with a high proportion of Merlot grapes, it’s got a rounded taste, slightly woody notes and a generous nose of red fruit. And here’s the best bit, it’s rather nice to drink.

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The MerLow Down: (Sorry)

  1. Merlot is the star grape from the 'right bank' of the river in Bordeaux though even here, it's usually blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and small amounts of other grapes.
  2. The film Sideways berated the Merlot grape but the expensive French wine that the protagonist drinks at the end is made largely from - you guessed it - Merlot.
  3. The word 'Merlot' is French, meaning 'little blackbird'.
Pronounced: French: [mer-low) Where you'll find it: You'll find the Merlot grape in our Ohsomm Bordeaux and our Ohsomm Merlot (of course)

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This wine is great with...
Stocksy_txp584fe5d4EoQ100_Medium_456046 Red meats and game
Rustic Roasted Chicken Dinner Being Consumed Pork and poultry
Purchase this image at Say cheese
xobyibymx20-elli-o Something hearty

Special Occasions

This wine is perfect for this special occasions...
FRONT Standard Label_mockups_BORDEAUX_v1

I was a very greedy child.

I was a very greedy child. I grew up in a family for whom no day was complete without a convivial meal. No meal complete…

Made with love at the Château Malromé, France.

Like all of our wine choices, this Bordeaux has a rich history and entertaining tale to tell. So, picture the scene: in the vineyards of Château Malromé, in Saint-André-du-Bois, Bordeaux, a young Toulouse-Lautrec would walk amongst the sloped vines on the gravelly clay; thinking, writing, painting and doing his flâneur thing. Visiting his mother, Countess Adèle de Toulouse-Lautrec, who acquired the château in 1883, the aristocratic dwarf famed for his paintings and illustrations, actually spent his final days in the vineyards of Malromé; passing away on the estate in 1901. It was also the home of French politician, Adolphe de Forcade La Roquette, Vice-President of the Conseil d'État under Napoloan III and his half-brother, Jacques Leroy de Saint Arnaud, governor of Paris and Minister of War. Under winemaker Charles Traonouëz, Château Malromé's rich history continues as one of Bordeaux's most prestigious vineyards, covering around 25-hectares and producing outstanding wines, such as this choice tipple. Traonouëz has progressed and promoted the soil-rich vineyards after five-centuries of exploitation, putting strong emphasis on the optimal ripeness of the grapes and producing wines according to traditional Bordeaux methods. The terroir here is some of the oldest in the region, renowned over the centuries for its limestone and clay content, with gravelly pebbles and rolled quartz and sand, it produces a wine generous with red fruit and cassis notes. With its mingle of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes, this plummy, slightly woody tipple is a perfect match for your roast dinner, a charcuterie board or to accompany interesting people and a bit of late-night philosophy. Go on, make Toulouse-Lautrec proud.

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