Jackson Boxer

London, UK
Chef and Restaurateur

“For me, wine is extraordinary because it’s a living product that seems to respond to what kind of frame of mind I’m in.”  Jackson Boxer

Humble Bio

Hailing from three generations of cooks and currently the owner and head chef at London’s Brunswick House, Jackson is all about making the world of food and wine more accessible.

He also writes all about it for the likes of The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The Times.


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Pinot NoirAude, France

Say it three times fast: “Pick a perfect Pinot”.

We did, with this warm, velvety blend from the South of France. Blackcurrants mingle with the spice of liquorice, and the aromas of red fruits and peach perch on a vanilla-coconut backdrop. We think it’s the perfect match for grilled meats and vegetables, and ideally enjoyed on balmy nights around the BBQ (or chilly ones by the fire).

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“Pinot Noir is, for me, the most elusive wine experience – rarified, expensive, mercurial – it often defies expectation, proving an overpriced disappointment. This bottling, however, is a revelation for me. Pitch-perfect pinot, it is pretty, delicate, perfumed, and disarmingly prolonged on the palate. It is a joyful wine, one I need little encouragement to open and pour whenever friends drop by unexpectedly. It’s perfect with all kinds of food, but ultimately in its honesty, simplicity, and quality, it shines through in a manner most life affirming.

Ultimately a wine’s greatest quality lies in its authenticity. It doesn’t matter how defined by my mood my appreciation of a wine is, if it feels confected or overcharged, there is no way I can ever take any lasting pleasure in it. Wines of clarity and delicacy on the other hand, wines like this, that don’t throw themselves at you, but which quietly state the case for themselves in a calm but uncompromising tone, these are the wines that stir me.”


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ChablisBurgundy, France
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BordeauxBordeaux, France
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José María García-Agulló
José María García-Agulló
21/04/2017 5:06 PM

Jackson, just purchased three bottles of your Bordeaux. I look forward to tasting it!

Caroline Stent
Caroline Stent
17/01/2017 4:34 PM

Also, what are your favourite side dishes to go with your Malbec? Can you recommend anything different? Thanks

Caroline Stent
Caroline Stent
17/01/2017 4:31 PM

Hi there, What wine would you recommend for a Roast with friends this weekend? Thanks!

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