Christopher Cooper

London, UK
Wine Buyer and Consultant

“I’m all about matching wine with moments – after all, wine is a fun, creative product.” Christopher Cooper

Humble Bio

Christopher’s quirky, witty and refreshing approach to wine (and booze in general) has been causing a real stir in the drinks industry. Having founded the successful drinks consultancy, Drinkonomics in 2014, Cooper has been providing wine buying expertise, brand support, guidance and tasting masterclasses for hospitality, the drinks industry and consumers alike.

What’s it all mean? He basically drinks wine for a living… nice!

Wincing at wine-speak, he is clearing the cryptic wine clutter by simplifying people’s approach to wine moments with his brand of plain-English drinks dialogue. He’s the wine man for every man (and woman).

Christopher’s goal is to help us discover how to properly taste wine, and how to make sure we pick the right wine for our ever-changing moods and moments.

When not living the liquid life, Christopher spends his spare time dachshund spotting, chasing his son, drooling over classic cars and shopping for shoes; in that order.

Vastly knowledgeable, with a pedigree in fine restaurants, Christopher has made a solid reputation divulging his trade secrets and expert advice to engaged audiences all over the world. “I want to taste the world and tell everyone what it tastes like, whilst above all supporting quality over quantity”.


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Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, New Zealand

A truly savvy selection, this classic from New Zealand’s all-conquering Marlborough region is as breathtakingly beautiful as the landscape that surrounds it. Aromatic and awash with gooseberry, passionfruit and grapefruit, a chilled glass of this Sauvignon will complement light and citrusy flavours, creamy sauces and fresh seafood, along with light-hearted laughs and good company.

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“Everyone who loves a Sauvignon loves a Marlborough Sauvignon. Especially when it’s done right. And when I mean ‘done right’, I mean balanced… and this New Zealand Sauvignon is just that.

Marlborough Sauvignon’s have punctuated many memories for me and it’s often my ‘go to’ wine for laughs with friends. It’s my chatty social event wine; the instant revitaliser.

Enhanced gooseberry aromatics support an engaging nose of ripe citrus, freshly cut grass, and herbs. In the mouth, ripe gooseberry and herbal flavours complement classic red pepper and stony mineral tones. Supple and satisfying, this Sauvignon is balanced by its acidic backbone.

This wine is the perfect companion to lively conversations, laughing with your besties and enjoying the company of friends. A sophisticated wine perfect for relaxing, that’ll go down a treat anywhere.”



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MerlotAude, France
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DouroDouro Valley, Portugal
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Cabernet SauvignonChile, Chile
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José María García-Agulló
José María García-Agulló
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Dear Christopher your merlot is really good!

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