Meet the people who make us Ohsomm

Our Somms are some of the most talented wine minds in the business – and lovely people to go with it. They’re dedicated parents, restaurateurs, teachers, and just downright inspiring people – who also happen to know their wine inside-out.


Jackson Boxer

London, UK
Chef and Restaurateur

“For me, wine is extraordinary because it’s a living product that seems to respond to what kind of frame of mind I’m in.”  Jackson Boxer

Humble Bio

Hailing from three generations of cooks and currently the owner and head chef at London’s Brunswick House, Jackson is all about making the world of food and wine more accessible. He also writes all about it for the likes of The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The Times.

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FRONT Standard Label_mockups_CHABLIS_v1
ChablisBurgundy, France
Bottle £17.00
Saving £5.00
Saving £15.00
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Christopher Cooper

London, UK
Wine Buyer and Consultant

“I’m all about matching wine with moments – after all, wine is a fun, creative product.” Christopher Cooper

Humble Bio

Known as one of the most innovative and creative Sommeliers in London, CC is revitalising the old-fashioned wine scene with his wit and personality. His philosophy is that discovering new wine should be about experiences and moment-making. Which is handy for us, and for you.

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Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, New Zealand
Bottle £11.00
Saving £3.30
Saving £9.90

Andy Clarke

Bristol, UK
Food & drink TV producer and presenter

“Drink what you love. Love who you want.” Andy Clarke

Humble Bio

“Food, drink and travel TV producer Andy was born and raised to parents who grew a lot of their own produce and who home cooked for us every single day, which is where his passion for seasonal food and drink started. He’s a firm believer that wine can make or break your day so it’s best that we all chose wisely! With Pride just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to drink what you love and love who you want!”

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RoséCôtes de Provence, France
Bottle £12.00
Saving £3.60
Saving £10.80