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We do labels differently too. We design them to celebrate a moment or an emotion. Pick your favourite wine and add to cart to browse all Ohsomm labels. You can even customise them for your own special moments…


"Select the newest member of our Ohsomm Label family and never be stuck for a way to say 'THANK YOU' in style, again.

You can pair this label with any of our wines, but we recommend Ohsomm Sauvignon Blanc"

Perfect in combination with...
Sauvignon BlancMarlborough, New Zealand
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Saving £4.14
Saving £12.48

New Baby Label

We know that welcoming a new baby is THE most joyous moment in anyone's life... but let's take a moment to be terribly British about it with our 'There goes your social life' label.

Why not wet the baby's head with our dry, elegant, creamy Rosé and a measure of dry humour?

You can add the New Baby Collection label to any of our wines in cases of 1, 3, 6 and 12, but we recommend Ohsomm Rosé.

For other relevant labels, pick a wine then browse the New Baby Label category.

Perfect in combination with...
RoséCôtes de Provence, France
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Saving £4.02
Saving £12.12

Ohsomm New Home Label

Are you searching for a unique House Warming Gift’?

Show someone who’s just moved you care by choosing some personalised wine gifts featuring labels with their swanky, new address, a choice term to describe a certain estate agent or both?

Perfect in combination with...
Pinot NoirAude, France
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Saving £4.02
Saving £12.12

OH SO MM Label

Our OH-SO-MM label design was our first and remains a favourite as we think it sums us up perfectly. So-called, because each of our wines are selected through an extensive blind-tasting process and will only make the cut if it's selected as the absolute best in it's category. Oh so Ohsomm, truly awesome and oohh-soo-mmm...

You can pair this label with any of our wines, but we recommend Ohsomm Merlot.

Perfect in combination with...
MerlotAude, France
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Saving £3.66
Saving £11.04

Perfect in combination with...
DouroDouro Valley, Portugal
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Saving £4.26
Saving £12.72

Perfect in combination with...
Chardonnay for Listing
ChardonnayThe Languedoc, France
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Saving £3.84
Saving £11.52

Anniversary Label

He still does. She still does. You still do, so tell them – with wine.

Whether it's five years of married bliss or five decades, one thing is certain: wine helps. The combination of a simple, yet strong message of love combined with the glorious glug glug of great wine being poured into a glass is quite frankly, unbeatable.
Any of our Ohsomm wines can be delivered with this anniversary label and personalised with your own message of devotion or distain, but if you’re struggling to choose, we suggest Ohsomm Chablis. Classic, cool and classy, a good Chablis is like a good partner: reassuringly high quality, complex enough for any conversation and always refreshing.

Perfect in combination with...
ChablisBurgundy, France
Saving £0.00
Saving £6.90
Saving £20.64

Perfect in combination with...
Cava Image for Listing
CavaCatalonia, Spain
Saving £0.00
Saving £4.98
Saving £15.00

Perfect in combination with...
Cab Sauv Image Gallery
Cabernet SauvignonChile, Chile
Saving £0.00
Saving £4.50
Saving £13.44

In Case of Emergency Label

The 'just in case case'. Order the Ohsomm 'Emergency Wine' case to ensure you never run out of your favourite wine, again. No need to break glass to sound the alarm... just add to cart, sit back and wait for it to arrive.

You can pair this label with any of our wines, but we recommend Ohsomm Bordeaux.

Perfect in combination with...
BordeauxBordeaux, France
Saving £0.00
Saving £5.04
Saving £15.12