New Year: Comfort and Cheer

New Year: Comfort and Cheer

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Get your year-end party on in appropriate Ohsomm style with our bauble-tickling New Year’s selection. Whether you’re throwing the party to end all parties, keeping it simple over a hearty and wholesome family meal, or ramping up the romance with a new squeeze or long-time lover, we have the wine, and label to suit. All our wines have been specifically chosen to match certain moments – we think the best are shared. And with the promise of a New Year, there are all sorts of reasons to crack something open and celebrate.

Canapés at the ready

Our Grü-V Grüner is the perfect all-rounder wine for drinks and dinner parties, as it’s great for sipping on its own, yet so versatile with food. Serve with a side of lively conversation and the occasional end-of-year Eureka moment. For red go with Pinot Noir – a light-hearted wine that works with all kinds of food. Ultimately, with a cocktail sausage on its own, its honesty, simplicity, and quality, gives it a manner most life affirming. In summary, both these wines are highly suitable for for pondering the year gone by, and plotting exciting, as yet unrealised life-changing resolutions.

The last supper 

(of 2017, at least…). Open up a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Chardonnay – the rock star of whites, and Cabernet the King of all grapes – topping the year with wine library royalty. Swirl our bright and enticing Chardonnay around contented conversations – the ultimate relax-into-the-evening wine for hatching all the best plans for the New Year and beyond. For Cabernet, round up your best chums or fondest family members. We suggest hang time when drinking this with friends should be long and languishing. The ultimate extended New Year’s evening mealtime wine, or classy accompaniment for an evening of self-indulgence by the fire. With its deep black cassis, and complex structure it’s the ultimate lock yourself in, sip slowly, and get comfortable wine.

After dinner games

When the sun has long gone down and Big Ben’s bongs have finished, make it Late. Bottled and Vintage – with a bottle of exactly that. Take an old tradition and bring it right up to date. Parlour games are still the coolest of late night enterprise, but even if Heads-Up is more your thing, or you’re still trying to master the art of backgammon (and/or are killing it against those who aren’t), this is the late night bottle of Ohsomm soulful-sipping choice.

Midnight moments

Whether you’re watching the countdown in the company of ‘the cheese board’ on TV, you’re outdoors lighting sparklers with the kids, or you’re so wrapped up in sparkly attire and present company you may not even notice the crucial ten second countdown, midnight on New Year’s eve calls for an injection of celebratory fizz. With the best tradtional method Cava from Catalonia we’ve found (from hunting high and low), you can be sure this silky number will add some magic to your evening. Inject some iridescence. For moments you want to make sparkle.

New Year’s day lunch

Arise refreshed, full of life and ready to take on a whole new year. If this is not how you regularly wake, then make it memorable with a bottle of refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, or easy-going Merlot. One will wake you up with it’s bright, citrus, encouragingly fresh profile, the other, whilst perfect for your still-lingering house guests, is just as good over a take-away on the sofa with a movie – relaxed and contented as everyone should on New Year’s day be.


Our Ohsomm New Year recommendations

Pinot NoirAude, France
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Saving £4.02
Saving £12.12
Grüner VeltlinerKamptal, Austria
Saving £0.00
Saving £5.10
Saving £15.24
Chardonnay for Listing
ChardonnayThe Languedoc, France
Saving £0.00
Saving £3.84
Saving £11.52

1FRONT-Standard-Label_mockups_VINTAGEPORT_v2Front-1 (1)
Saving £0.00
Saving £5.34
Saving £15.96
Cava Image for Listing
CavaCatalonia, Spain
Saving £0.00
Saving £4.98
Saving £15.00
Cab Sauv Image Gallery
Cabernet SauvignonChile, Chile
Saving £0.00
Saving £4.50
Saving £13.44

Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand
Saving £0.00
Saving £4.14
Saving £12.48


Aude, France
Saving £0.00
Saving £3.66
Saving £11.04

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