What makes us awesome? Quality and provenance.

What makes us awesome? Quality and provenance.

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Quality. We know our wines are awesome. We want you to be confident about this too. Our dedication to quality is paramount to everything we do – from the lifestyle somms we choose to work with through to the wines we decide to list. Each and every wine goes through a rigorous selection process – tasting hundreds of wines at a time, blind, to draw out the very best available – as well as offering you brilliant value for money. You don’t need to worry about the details – we’ve got that bit covered. Our labels are all printed in house, on top quality paper worked through from design briefs from our in-house designers. Likewise, the wines are also designed to fit our own specifications. With every part of the ohsomm process you’re receiving nothing but a hand-picked, personal touch. We would never work with something we didn’t believe in or trust ourselves. That’s what makes ohsomm awesome.

Choosing our wines: best in class

All the wineries and winemakers we work with are hand selected, like our lifestyle somms, to bring you the best quality possible. We use styles and grapes you love the most, to craft a selection that is straightforward whilst still being packed-full of flavour and variety. Each wine is blind tasted so we won’t be swayed on looks, or anything but quailty and value – and if we don’t find what we’re after straight away, we’ll wait until we do. All the hard work is done this end, so you’ll be guaranteed to get something definitely delicious and brilliantly easy to choose.

Take a look at a recent product selection process we worked through with our Ohsomm Lifestyle Somms @drinkonomics & @jackson_boxer to agree our final 2017 wines. The mission: to bring the best bottles possible to a dining table or sofa side near you.

80 wines tasted (and discussed in a LOT of detail)

72 [all great but] ultimately rejected

8 [all awesome and] ultimately selected as best in class for the Ohsomm portfolio


Our lifestyle somms

These guys know what they’re doing. They’ve been sourcing, working with and recommending wines for years. With them on our side we want you to know that our wines will be nothing short of legendary. No compromises. Nothing we wouldn’t drink ourselves. And always flushed with fun.

Labels – as individual as your occasion and as you are

Once you’ve selected your wine, pick an awesome label to match the moment you’re planning for or the mood that you’re going to set.  Finally, make it even more memorable with our clever personalisation technology… add a message of up to 45 characters to your chosen label.  It’s wine, redesigned.

Browse our Christmas collection

Browse our Christmas collection

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Our Ohsomm Christmas selection

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