I’m proud to fly the flag for equality… and Rosé.
Drink what you love, love who you want.

I’m proud to fly the flag for equality… and Rosé.

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My first Pride was in London during the summer of 1996.

I was in my fresher’s year at university in London and couldn’t wait to party on down in the big city. I remember taking my Mum to see Elaine Paige in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Sunset Boulevard’ (Falling into the gay cliché at an early age, there). We went with £10 Student Standby tickets so I had money to spend on a night out with a friend once I put her on the train home. Dancing on tables was how the evening started followed by 8 hours of talking to people we didn’t know – Because that is what Pride seemed to be all about: This immense feeling of love and sharing coupled with using it to be euphoric about your own sexuality.

Things were quite different then. Whilst it seemed cool to be gay, there was still a lot of institutionalized homophobia so Pride had a real purpose; to attempt to bring equality for LGBT people all over the world and to make us all feel accepted.

Pride still has an important role to play, but the landscape has changed somewhat. Being gay isn’t as ghettoised and it’s not a dirty world, in most societies. Anything that makes us look in depth at the intriguing subject of sexuality and brings people together, should be celebrated. On the night of my first Pride outing (pardon the pun), I didn’t actually go to bed. I didn’t want to miss anything! And I was still high on the atmosphere the next day… Ah, I remember the energy of a teenager. I don’t think I’d pull an all-nighter these days!

Being 19, my drinking criteria wasn’t quite what it is now. Every event started with cider, went to wine, then went back to cider again. Being a West Country boy, I still love appley liquid gold, but I have diversified my palate to appreciate a wider selection of good wine.

One of my favourite wines to drink is rosé, in particular Provençale pink! It’s delicate hue and delightful wild strawberry taste is magical. My husband and I often partake – And I have to say, not just in the summer. What’s better with smoked salmon on Christmas Day? A rosé really isn’t just for sunny summer days!

I was lucky enough to produce a cooking and travel series in France last year and the crew and I obviously fell into a couple of vineyards in Provence where the rosé was nothing short of stunning.

In one particular vineyard, our presenter who isn’t a fan of rosé, ended up buying 3 cases to bring home. This has only enhanced my love of pink wine. I was very lucky, not only to have had the privilege to meet talented wine makers, but to have had enough space in my case to bring some back.

But why am I so passionate about this particular style of rose? I’m a strong believer of choosing a wine to complement a moment. Whilst I love matching wine to food, I feel a wine should enhance the sense of occasion. How better to stimulate your senses than a cool, crisp glass of the pink stuff? And Pride is the perfect occasion to open a bottle (or a few – Let’s be realistic). I love sharing and rosé, for me is the perfect sharing wine. It makes me smile when I see it, happy when I taste and warm inside when I share it.

But what about your pride plans? Are you out with mates? Out with your partner? Or somebody else’s? (I’m not judging!) Are you marching for equality? Or simply ready for an unadulterated camp fest of cheesy music?

Whatever your Pride plans, drink pink and an enjoy! I will be twisting the cap and savouring Ohsomm Côtes de Provence rosé this year and I highly recommend that you do to. You won’t regret it. But most importantly: Drink what you love, love who you want.


Brighton Pride is the UK’s Biggest Pride Festival and is a unique community fundraising event.  It happens this weekend:

August 4th -5th.


Festival headliners include Pet Shop Boys, Years & Years and David Morales.

Tickets are available here.



This playlist always makes me happy, which is what Pride and drinking good wine is all about! It also harps back to my youth. So, crank up the volume, and feel the love!

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