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Dry and bright as the Mediterranean sun, rosé is so comfortable in its own skin, it doesn’t need anything else to make it taste better and doesn’t care what others think.  Lap up its summery vibe with an Ibiza Chillout set and no need to stress about food pairing ideas: it partners well with everything from brie to barbecued prawns, burgers and berries.  Don’t forget to put it in the fridge before you head to work so that you can enjoy its cool caress as soon as you’ve clocked off.



Best served cold, like revenge – and equally as satisfying, white wines vary in colour from straw-yellow through to a transparent almost clear liquid. Regardless of what colour they are, the good ones are always delicious, easy to pair with a variety of foods and nibbles, and generally ready to drink young and right away. Which means you have no reason to wait before getting stuck in.

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From big, bold beauties, to light and fruity Europeans (wines not people), red wines are as many and varied as the places they’re made and the drinkers who enjoy them. Whatever your tastes though, there’s a whole world of excitement to explore in red wine. But be patient. Like some people, most red wines tend to improve with age.

Port – Type


Port’s an after-dinner drink, right? Wrong.  Port is equally at home before dinner (or as dinner).  And whether it’s the middle of January or July, Port wine should have a place on your table. For summer evenings, dig out that picnic blanket and meet your other half in the park with a chilled bottle of tawny, salted almonds, jamon and blue cheese. Come winter, run a hot bath, light a candle and sink into a large glass of tawny. Alternatively, get home, kick off your shoes and hunker down for the evening with a bottle and a bar of dark chocolate.