In case of emergency… grab bottle!

In case of emergency… grab bottle!

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Summer has been a properly busy time so far, balancing a fairly crazy work schedule with family time, holidays and social engagements. Right now, everyone wants to catch up and do fun things which is great but all our calendars are bulging and I haven’t really had time to organise much and be ahead of the game.

However, its thanks to Ohsomm that I’ve been somewhat prepared. In fact, Ohsomm has been my saviour on many occasions this summer.

First off… arriving in the Loire valley cottage tired, exhausted, hungry (and in need of a glass of wine); we reach for the Merlot to perfectly pair with our room service. The perfect glass to announce our arrival and set the tone for the rest of the holiday.

Having a steady supply of matchable moments in a bottle, ready to go, has been a real revelation this season, and I highly recommend it.

Off to the beach with a little French picnic… on the way out I grab an emergency bottle. What better way to enjoy our baguette and smoked salmon (albeit with a little sand in there too) with a glass of Ohsomm rosé. Probably the best its ever tasted!

On our holidays we’ve been barbecuing with Merlot, relaxing with rosé… and partying with Sauvignon. Great days!

In fact, not long ago the red-head was invited to a girlie girls night in and was of course told to bring some wine. A tricky ask when they know who I am and what I do for a living. In haste she took the emergency wine. THE EMERGENCY WINE…!?! How dare she! Having said that, the ‘In Case of Emergency, Uncork’ Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand went down a storm. Perfectly branded and perfectly matched to that moment, that evening and that group. I guess that means we’ll be hosting the next one and I’ll have to replenish the stocks…

We’ve drunk Ohsomm at a festival, a sporting event, several classic car shows, a picnic, a National Trust property, beach days out, school fetes… my wines have been there with us every moment of the summer, so far.

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And there’s even been some non-events also. Evenings at home with the family where there’s nothing special going on… so the event ends up being the wine. A talking point becomes a Merlot moment. So it seems now that Merlot has inadvertently played a huge part in our non-eventful eventful summer nights this year.

But of course, they’re my wines and I’m very proud of them (the new ones coming on board are equally as exciting also… so watch this space); and yes, I knew that these wines really fit the bill, but its been amazing to properly road test them all to see how they perform in any given moment. You know… like proper rigorous testing.

Oh yeah… did I say how much I love my job? 😉

Having a steady supply of matchable moments in a bottle, ready to go, has been a real revelation this season, and I highly recommend it. So convenient for those last minute ‘oh my gosh, do we need to bring wine?’ sort of events and, of course, perfectly selected by me to match those moments. Bring on the rest of summer, I say… I’m ready for you!
And whilst I’m not wishing the summer away just yet but, dare I say it, bring on the autumn too; with a cheeky glass of the more moody Douro red… can’t wait!


A note from Ohsomm…

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